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Project title:


Oil field modularity wastewater treatment device development and application

Project leader:


Jin Pengkang



The north of Shaanxi is an important base for the oil industry in China and made a great contribution to oil production. However, the problems of poor water quality and ecological environment deterioration have become serious due to the oilfield exploitation. In order to realize sustainable development and solve the problems of water pollution and ecological environment deterioration, the project analyzed the characteristics and assessed the treatability of wastewater in the well site of the oil field. It also researched the pre-treatment technology of wastewater with high viscosity to increase reaction velocity and mass transfer velocity. The project identified the controlling factor for water quality under drainage condition and proposed a key technology to meet the discharge standard of wastewater in the oil field, analyzing the wastewater resource utilization and treatment system. Furthermore, the project assessed the wastewater treatment facility at the well site under different treatment conditions to solve the problem of water pollution for distributed well site operation. The project provided technology support and examples for wastewater point source reduction and resource utilization during the process of oil filed exploitation in the north of Shaanxi.