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Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivers Keynote speech at the IAS Summit in Hong Kong 2016

Updated on October 2016


Invited by Prof. G. H. Chen from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Prof. Xiaochang Wang gave a keynote speech at the IAS Summit Hong Kong Inventing Today Imagining Tomorrow for Water Pollution Control held in Hong Kong, China from 20-22 October 2016.


This conference is part of the HKUST 25th anniversary program and Chinese National Engineering Research Center (CNERC). This high-level event is also the first public event co-organized by the IAS of HKUST and the Hong Kong Branch of CNERC.


Prof. Xiaochang Wang was invited to give a keynote speech entitled Sustainable Urban Water System Design following the Principle of Water Cycle Management at the conference. Prof. Wang expressed his view on the hydrological cycle and its environment carrying capacities and illustrated the principle of water cycle management (WCM). Prof. Wang stated that urban water system design following the WCM principle could improve water sustainability and showed examples of sustainable urban water systems design in China.