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Wageningen University visits XAUAT and Xi’an Siyuan University

Updated on July 2016

From 12th to 13th July in 2016, Prof. Huub Rijnaarts and his research group (6 other teachers and 17 PhD candidates) from the School of Environmental Engineering in Wageningen University and Research visited the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering in Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT). During the visit, researchers from both sides were engaged in active discussions about topics such as wastewater treatment theories and technologies, membrane filtration technologies, nutrients recovery and reuse, micro-pollutants control and eco-toxicology analysis.


On 13th July 2016, Prof. Huub Rijnaarts and his research group continued on to the Xi’an Siyuan University to visit the environmental application project named “Reclaimed water nourishes a green campus,” which is accomplished by Prof. Xiaochang Wang and his research group from XAUAT. During the visit, the researchers from both sides discussed the design of such a wastewater treatment and reuse system, the stable operation of an A2O-MBR system, and the function and water quality control of the environmental lake. Also, the researchers from Wageningen University and Research were quite interested in this project and positively appraised it.