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The International Cooperation Meeting on Urban Water Environment Construction

Updated on March 20, 2017

The international cooperation meeting on urban water environment construction was organized by China Yixing Industrial Park for Environmental Science and Technology (ES&TP) in the afternoon of 20th March, 2017.


At the meeting, keynote presentations were delivered by Prof. David Garman, a past President of International Water Association (IWA) and CTO of The Water Council, Prof. Xiaochang Wang, President of AWR Environmental Research Institute (AWRERI) and Dr. Tao Li, Director of IWA China Regional Office. The keynotes were themed on tackling water challenges with new technologies, urban black and odorous river remediation, and energy saving and cost reduction in sewage treatment plants, respectively. Over 30 delegates from industries, research institutes and enterprises were in attendance and carry on discussion at the meeting.


Delegates from industries, research institutes and enterprises

Prof. David Garman predicted the trend of world water environment development in the future and introduced water ecological chain from water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment as well as the concept of water-wise city. Besides, Prof. David Garman indicated how to apply advanced experience of water treatment into China, especially in Yixing to promote the development of China water industry.

Keynote presentation by Prof. David Garman


Prof. Xiaochang Wang showed the different definitions of black and odorous water body home and abroad, indicating that black and odorous water body is one unique problem in China, and illustrated the treatment route for black and odorous water body as well as successful treatment cases in China.


Keynote presentation by Prof. Xiaochang Wang


Dr. Tao li introduced the energy consumption of water treatment technology in China, and indicated that it is essential to combine water treatment with energy production for water industry development. 

Keynote presentation by Dr. Tao li