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Opening Ceremony of AWR Environmental Research Institute (AWRERI)

Updated on March 21, 2017

On the morning of 21st March, the opening ceremony for AWR Environmental Research Institute (AWRERI) was successfully held at the China Yixing Industrial Park for Environmental Science and Technology (ES&TP), where more than 100 people were in attendance.


Opening ceremony of AWRERI


Mr. Xufeng Zhu, standing member of the Yixing municipal party committee and director of Yixing ES&TP chaired the ceremony. Mr. Jian Shen, the secretary of the Yixing municipal party committee, delivered the welcome address. He congratulated on the ceremony and expressed gratitude for the establishment of AWRERI in Yixing. Mr. Jian Shen expressed hopes that AWRERI would advance international cooperation on environmental issues in Yixing while promoting industrialization and providing technical and intellectual support to Yixing ES&TP. Furthermore, Mr. Jian Shen indicated the commitment of the Yixing government to supporting the AWRERI for its future operation and management, and to helping AWRERI develop into an international outstanding and national first-class institute in the field of environmental protection.


Address by Mr. Jian Shen


Afterward, Prof. Xiaochang Wang expressed gratitude to the distinguished guests from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Yixing ES&TP and local government, and introduced the concept, direction, and missions of AWRERI. Prof. Wang indicated that AWRERI will focus on the urban/regional water pollution control & water environmental improvement including sponge city construction, black and odorous water treatment planning, design & engineering service, urban/industrial wastewater treatment including conventional and advanced treatment, technology development, technical transformation, engineering design and technical service, alternative water resource development and application including wastewater reclamation, rainwater harvesting and reuse and international environmental education and technical training. Prof. Wang, furthermore, indicated that AWRERI had been established for gathering researchers within and outside China to carry out research work on alternative water resources utilization for sustainable urban development and construction of healthy water ecosystems and water environment security on the basis of the concept of water cycle management for basins or regions. Moreover, AWRERI aims to provide scientific and technical services to ES&TP for environmental protection, provide a platform for the development of environmental science and technology cooperation at home and abroad, and promote the application of new concepts and technologies for environmental protection through academic and technological exchanges, case studies and engineering projects, as well as promoting the transfer of new concepts and technologies to countries and regions to meet their development goals (click to download AWRERI Report-An Institution to Promote Technological Development for Urban Water Environment toward Future).


Address by Prof. Xiaochang Wang 


At the ceremony, Prof. Xiaochang Wang and Prof. David Garman signed a cooperation framework agreement between the Water Council and AWRERI. Prof. David Garman showed that nowadays challenges and opportunities both exist for water environment protection and that it is essential to integrate the concepts and technologies worldwide and realize mutually beneficial co-operation. Afterward, the nameplate of AWRERI was officially unveiled by Mr. Jian Shen and Mr. Liang Chen at the ceremony.


Unveiling of Nameplate of AWRERI


Besides, Dr. Tao Li, Director of IWA China Regional Office also expressed wishes that the cooperation between the Water Council and AWRERI would bring more advanced technology and management concepts, and that the environment protection industry in China could achieve international recognition.

Address by Dr. Tao Li


Afterward, Mr. Liang Chen, director of the foreign economic cooperation office of Ministry of Environmental Protection delivered an address and expressed hopes that AWRERI would improve the research capacity of environment protection and strengthen international exchange. Mr. Liang Chen also revealed that the foreign economic cooperation office of Ministry of Environmental Protection would integrate all kinds of resources to provide the support needed for the development of AWRERI.

Address by Mr. Liang Chen 

After the ceremony, Prof. Xiaochang Wang was interviewed by Wuxi News. Please find the below video for detailed information of the interview.