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Mr. Paul Reiter from Reiter IWS Co., Ltd. delivers invited lecture in XAUAT

Updated on June 22, 2018

Mr. Paul Reiter gave a lecture to the graduate and PhD students of the School of Environmental and Civil Engineering at XAUAT, Xi’an China on June 22, 2018. Mr. Reiter is the President of Reiter IWS – Reiter International Water Solutions Co. Ltd., the Past Executive Director of International Water Association (IWA) and the past PU Deputy Director for Strategic Policy of Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). In the year of 2014, Mr. Reiter was awarded as the honorary professor of XAUAT.


The lecture covered the topic on “Alternative water resources development for cities of the future-based on local condition” which mainly stated that water, wastewater, drainage, energy and solid waste make up the elements of environmental infrastructure that support the cities. The way we design or remodel these elements make a huge difference in our present and future capabilities - specifically, with respect to our capabilities to ensure comprehensive and reliable service, to increase resilience, to reduce costs and to enhance the liveability of our communities. 

Lecture by Mr. Paul Reiter