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Prof. Xiaochang Wang delivers keynote presentation at the 19th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference

Updated on May 21, 2019

The 19th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference, held on 17-22 May 2019 in Tianjin China, was jointly hosted by Tianjin University, Taiwan University, and the Overseas Chinese Environmental Protection Society (OCEESA). The conference was themed on technological innovation and sustainable development of ecological environments. Over 300 leading researchers and technologists from around the world were in attendance.


This conference provides a platform for local and international leading experts and scholars in the field of environmental protection to convene, interact, and share the latest knowledge and experiences. Prof. Wang’s keynote presentation entitled "Principles for Water Wise Cities toward the Future and Worldwide Practices" generated broad interests and stimulated wide-ranging discussions among the attendees. 

Keynote presentation by Prof. Xiaochang Wang