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International Webinar on Content Sharing of IWA World Water Congress in Copenhagen (VIII)

Updated on December 1, 2022

The 8th webinar in a series for Content Sharing from the 2022 IWA World Water Congress in Copenhagen was held on December 1, 2022. The webinar series is jointly hosted by the International Forum of Water Sustainability (IFWS) and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT). Prof. Glen Daigger, IWA Past President, Fellow of National Academy of Engineering, USA, Prof. Jurg Keller, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering(ATSE), were invited to hold a discussion with the Chinese attendees of the webinar. This webinar was moderated by A/P. Qian Zhang, School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, XAUAT. Also, over 9000 researchers, technologists, and students joined the webinar.

Prof. Qian Zhang first extended a warm welcome to all the experts participating in the webinar. She also explained that the webinar includes three sections: two invited oral presentations by Prof. Glen Daigger and Prof. Jurg Keller, and a video share of the Copenhagen IWA World Water Congress Keynote and Plenary Panel Discussions-6, followed by Questions & Discussion.

Firstly, the webinar shared the sixth keynote report of the IWA Copenhagen World Water Congress entitled “Learning to Dance in the Rain-How to Thrive in an Era of Climate Change” by Mr Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research, Ireland. In the report, Paul introduced the ways to save water resources by many practical cases around the world, including recycling of grey water, repairing leaky pipes, spongy city movement and building distributed rainwater capture system. After the keynote report, panel discussion was co-chaired by Prof. Ana Soares, IWA Fellow and professor at Cranfield University, United Kingdom, and Prof. Jurg Keller, and the panelist consists of Mr David Flinton, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Xylem, USA, Amanda Lake, Head of Carbon and Circular Economy of Water Europe, Jacobs, United Kingdom, Prof. Zhiyong Jason Ren, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, USA. They discussed the impact of technological innovation, cultural change, metrics innovation and talent training on the key elements including urban water cycle, water industry, carbon emissions, and circular economy that disturb climate change.

Next, Professor Glen Daigger presented a report titled ” Major Initiatives needed by the Water sector””, in which he stressed that the water profession must address three principal priorities: changing water management to avoid water stress, become more resource, and extend human right to water and sanitation to all. Professor Jurg Keller also stressed that need to put people first, need oriented, consider all factors related to water, through innovation and cooperation, unite all efforts to provide sanitary water.

Prof. Xiaochang Wang, Prof. Glen Daigger and Prof. Jurg Keller joined the discussion to express their perspectives on the greenhouse gas emission, the impact of urban water circulation system on climate change, and the ways and policies to save water resources.